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Revolutionär im Umbruch: Glänzender junger Sänger, gilt als die kommende Stimme im deutschen Jazz. („Mannheimer Morgen“ 30.10.2017)

His voice is beautiful and free, he is young and dedicated, honest and full of music. (Sabine Kühlich/Jazz singer)

Erik Leuthäuser is a very interesting and unique singer with a fine voice. His CD „In the Land of Irene Kral & Alan Broadbent: Live at A-Trane Berlin“ is delightful and his choice of songs is superb. (Ronny Whyte/Jazz singer)

Let me tell you how much I have enjoyed your interpretations of Irene’s songbook. It’s nice to hear them come alive like that. You sing them purely and with feeling, essential ingredients for making them work. (Alan Broadbent/2-time Grammy winning Jazz Pianist, Composer and Arranger)

I’m loving your Irene Kral/Alan Broadbent album… Irene and Fran Landesman were very close and she was one of Fran’s absolute favourite singers. You catch the spirit of those songs so well making them your own but at the same time subtly evoking her versions. (Simon Wallace/British composer and pianist)

My sincere compliments on your singing: pristine intonation and excellent pronunciation of English! You really know how to deliver a ballad. (Rich DeRosa/Composer, Conducter, Arranger and Drummer)

Erik is a vocalist who really gets a lyric and you can feel it in his delivery of each of Ronny’s songs. (Bob Levy/award winning ASCAP Composer & Lyricist)